Reflection on Media 160

This class has taught me so much about film. I’m glad that I had the opportunity to create the Portrait of Sam. It was a great experience in filmmaking. This project also introduced me to a new person, Sam, who I am grateful to meet. She is very knowledgeable and has taught me many things. She showed me how to pan with final cut and other techniques in final cut. I really did not think I would be able to create something worth watching. However, the story was great and therefore helped create a successful piece for me. I was also able to play around with Photoshop once again and I really enjoyed that too.

I have definitely walked away from this class with a different perspective on film. The Portrait Project is the main project that has really impacted me. It has inspired me to work on more film and final cut related projects. Before this class, I had no interest in filmmaking. Now, leaving this class, I have some knowledge on editing and it has motivated me on working in another project. Watching the different documentaries in class has made me decide to create a Portrait of my family. John Canemaker’s The Moon and the Son is also something that inspired me to do a Portrait on my family. However, I’m not sure when I will be able to actually do it, but this is definitely a goal of mine. Having done some editing, I now notice the different shots and cuts shown in movies. Sometimes that would be something in my mind. This class has brought out the mini filmmaker in me. The filmmaker that I did not know was in me. Now I hope I will get other opportunities to create films.

I appreciate the work of my classmates as well. The screenings of their portraits have also inspired me, to work with different things in my future projects. Seeing my classmates works allow me to see that I should also incorporate my personality in the projects that I produce. It will bring individuality into my pieces. The lab sessions were very friendly and welcome. Everybody was kind to one another and gave me more confidence in showing my work.

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