Production Notes

Having finished the Portrait Project, I have been given a chance to see what things are like behind the scenes with the making of a film. When I first started the project recording and interviewing Sam, we had to spend some time thinking of good places to go, for optimal sound. We ended up going to the music department’s practice rooms on the 4th floor. We were lucky that every time we went to the practice rooms, there was one room that was open. Doing this project made me realize that Hunter had a lot of secret rooms. I learned about the film making process. I never knew how much work can be committed to a three-minute project. I now know the importance in separating the sound and the image. It makes the final presentation a LOT better, in terms of sound quality. I also learned how to seamlessly tell a story. There can also be a lot of sudden changes within a story too. For example, when I first interviewed Sam about the Haitian Drumming Club, their advisor, Frisner was still alive and then two weeks later I find out he passed away and had to interview Sam again on the aftermath. I also learned that even though I had so many ideas and got a lot of footages I was only able to use some footage. This made me appreciate filmmakers more, because they take so much time to catch a bunch of footage, but sometimes they really can’t use ALL of the footage and it just really sucks. After seeing the finished product of the “film” I realized that I did not have too much footage on Sam. That is something I would have changed. Sam is the interviewee and should be more visible. Another thing I would change is that I would have liked to get higher quality pictures of the different Haitian drums. Aside from that there isn’t much I’d like to change, because I followed my “storyboard” (I’m not great with drawing so I ended up making a story board with words instead). I’m happy that I was able to connect the different images with the voiceover. At first I was weary on whether or not I could find images to match the words, but I’m happy I was able to successfully follow my storyboard and find a bunch of footage.

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